Case Studies

From local initiative to national campaign.

Boehringer Ingleheim wanted to celebrate its 125th anniversary within its local community with a family health initiative. A liaison was forged with local paper, The Bracknell News, to host a series of free first aid training days for its readers – sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim. In its fourth year, the sponsorship was extended to include the funding of a St John Ambulance Schools Liaison Officer to provide heavily-subsidised first aid training to schools throughout the county. Boehringer also sponsored the launch a new All Party Parliamentary Group on First Aid to raise the importance of first aid training in the UK.  Now in its sixth year, Boehringer has trained more than 9,000 children and 500 adults  in the basics of life-saving first aid and has helped first aid become an important focus for inclusion in the school curriculum.

An authority on apprenticeships.

One of the most successful painting and decorating companies in South East, K & M  McLoughlin Decorating Ltd had never advertised or invested in any form of marketing. Its success has been built by word-of-mouth recommendation. It contracted LMPR in October 2010 to promote the opening of its apprentice school. Capitalising on MD, Kevin McLoughlin’s background as a former apprentice and his passionate commitment to youth training, LMPR generated national media interest, with BBC 1 News mentioning the opening throughout the day. Two years later, the company opened the first pre-apprenticeship ‘Boot camp’ college in Islington with the support of the local council. Once again, LMPR gained heavyweight national coverage for the launch, positioning Kevin as a leading expert on apprenticeships.  He is now a National Apprenticeship Ambassador and, in 2014, he  was awarded an MBE for his work with apprentices and training.

Bid tv invest in collectables.

When bid tv decided to launch a new collectables club, it also decided to ask LMPR to help promote the new DTC initiative in the national media. New research on UK collecting habits ensured that the campaign spokesperson, Tom Keane, former owner and auctioneer at Chiswick Auction House, was in great demand – with features in 14 national newspapers, three items on national TV, 48 website features and 18 radio interviews. This campaign delivered a reach of 21.5 million and an ROI of £14 for every £1 spend.

A campaign with extremely short time-lines.

LMPR was contracted in September to gain as much pre-Christmas coverage as possible for the new touch-screen compatible Totes Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves. LMPR used Tom Dunmore (ex-editor of Stuff Magazine and self-confessed gadget geek) to front campaign, focusing on short copy-date media and Internet. 90 national editorial recommendations for SmarTouch were achieved in run-up to Christmas which were seen/read by more than 12 million target media. Return on Investment: Nearly £19 for every £1 spend.

A fund-raising CRM campaign devised for Wickes:

White Van Wit worked across a number of levels. Launched as a DLC initiative, it resulted in its customer-base of small tradesmen posting more than 2,000 jokes in in-store ‘White Van Wit’ letterboxes. These were then compiled into a book to raise funds for Leukaemia Research and for use as a PR vehicle to raise the profile of the company in all sectors of the media. It generated more than £4 million editorial coverage which was seen and heard by more than 250 million consumers.

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