“I must say a huge thank you to Lindsay! It was absolutely fantastic to work with her for the Bristol Science March. Lindsay's PR skills were, quite simply, invaluable. She was able to not only offer advice but also put plans to action with great efficiency. She was witty and fun whilst delivering what we needed, with a breadth of knowledge and experience that was much appreciated. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Ruth Peacey, Organiser of the March For Science Bristol, April 2017.

"I've worked with Lindsay now for nearly 5 years and have enjoyed every moment of it.  It's a rare quality to find in a consultant someone who can balance between being able to give great strategic advice and also enjoying the tactical implementation. With Lindsay you have it. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in healthcare PR mean she is always able to give you the advice you need - even if you don't always want to hear it! - and help you deliver what you need to."

Duncan Cantor

Director of Communications at Boehringer Ingelheim



“The Medical Journalists’ Association (MJA) has worked with Lindsay Morgan and her long-term client Boehringer Ingelheim (BI), for eighteen years (since 1997). In that year Lindsay learned from John Illman, then chair of the MJA, that the Association wanted to bring out a history of the MJA’s first thirty years. Lindsay persuaded BI to fund the publication and a successful relationship continued. Since then Lindsay and BI have been behind training events, recruitment evenings and, in 2014, the design of the MJA’s lively new website. In 2004 Lindsay was personally instrumental in helping the MJA set up and run its own awards programme, and the MJA Summer Awards continue to be a major event in the Association’s calendar, loyally supported by both Lindsay and BI. Always they are an unfailing paradigm of disinterested support, never pushing a commercial message but gradually becoming our friends, without whom the Summer Awards presentation would not be the same.”

Phlippa Pigache

Hon Sec

The Medical Journalists Association

“Lindsay is able to take a smidgeon of a story and work some serious magic with it. Words that were flat and insipid leap out of the page and grab your attention once Lindsay has put her mark on them.

“She is a joy to work with and always meets deadlines with time to spare. She is constantly pushing the business forward - albeit in the direction we have already set our sights on but are often too busy to carry the actions. This is where Lindsay is invaluable in helping us to see a job through.

“Just this week at a media training event that Lindsay organized, when speaking about K&M she automatically talks about "our company" and "we". Lindsay not only feels like one of the team but is also an integral part of it.

“The general awareness of our company and the spirit of what we do are most definitely out the bag! At our first PR launch when we opened our Apprentice School we had a full page in the Daily Mirror and were featured on BBC TV News at 12.30pm, 6.30pm and 10.30pm. We haven't looked back since!

“Hiring Lindsay to help with our publicity and marketing has been one of the best investment decisions the company has made. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.”

Jean Duprez MBE
K&M McLoughin Decorating Limited

“I was recommended to Lindsay Morgan via Burn, a brand agency which, in my opinion, shows how high highly rated she is within her own industry.

“After speaking to Lindsay over a few days and several meetings she came on board to head up our PR project at totes ISOTONER in making SmarTouch touchscreen gloves a leading product for us and a lead name in the market. The project was a late starter for us and left Lindsay with the challenge of creating a PR "buzz" with only several months before our prime selling time at Christmas. The lack of cold weather meant the hype around cold weather-related products was greatly reduced but, despite that, the vast amount of PR coverage we got helped us

                                       achieve good sales - even in the face of the mildest winter on record.”

Karl Blackburn
e-commerce manager, Totes Isotoner.

“Lindsay is a PR guru who develops campaigns that are multi-layered, work across all media and delivers results. She understands the media and knows what will make good news. Three years ago she created a Easter campaign for Wickes which the business is still talking about as the best PR campaign we've ever done. She loves the PR craft but also has a solid commercial head – she can do it all, from talking to journalist to talking to the commercial teams. She also has great big client experience and great big brand experience. There are no PR tactics that Lindsay hasn't used - in fact, she's invented a few of them. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.”

Avis Robinson
Former Communications Manager, Wickes

“Quite simply there isn't a better PR/marketing professional. Working with Lindsay is always a pleasure and a creatively rewarding experience. She is all substance without any waffle and creates a working relationship that makes a supplier want to over deliver for her and her clients. A client of Lindsay's is a lucky one.”

Steve Leavesley
Managing Director, Beyond Content


“It is always a pleasure to work with Lindsay. Through her we have had the opportunity to interview some of the key people within the life sciences arena both at the Eyeforpharma Conference and the Boehringher Ingelheim Annual press Conference. Lindsay’s endless enthusiasm makes each shoot both productive and enjoyable.”

Fiona Gardner





“Lindsay's work is always highly creative, generating new ways to cut through in both mature and new markets. Results were fantastic but also represented great value for money. Lindsay is professional whilst being great fun to work with.Top qualities: Great Results, Personable.”

Jacqueline O’Neill
Former Commercial Director, Tesco Health & Beauty

“I’ve worked with Lindsay for many years and she delivers every time. Her organisational skills are second to none and she never fails to secure the interviews and information I need. She has a keen understanding of journalists’ requirements and her in-depth knowledge of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector makes her the ideal partner for us and her clients. She is highly professional, extremely personable and it is always a pleasure to work with her.”

Kevin Grogan has been writing about the pharmaceutical industry since the mid-90s. Now writing for a wide range of publications as a freelancer, he was most recently senior news editor for PharmaTimes Follow on @kevinatgrogan

“Lindsay led a team that provided a solid PR service for Aunt Bessie's over the years 2002 to 2008 until she left BMA. She is trustworthy and has bags of experience in being able to generate great stories and get coverage. Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.“

John Hendy
Former Marketing Director, Tryton Foods

"Lindsay is a proven PR performer with a wealth of knowledge and a keen understanding of the dynamics of media. If Lindsay is involved in a project, you know the detail will be clear and relevant which is vital to any journalist. She also has the ability to finesse projects with editorial style that serves trade, business and consumer outlets. I have also collaborated with Lindsay on media training/crisis management projects which were organised with insight and delivered impactful results."

Danny Buckland - freelance journalist and health media consultant


"Lindsay has been instrumental in proof reading, editing and even composing press releases, presentation documents and all manner of written communications. Her ability to understand your intentions and frame them in a such a way as to be understood by all is impressive, and I have gained a huge amount from her one-to-one input on presentation preparation. She has a magic with words and can frame the same concept in numerous ways depending on the audience. 

"Lindsay is always available and responds promptly, and thoughtfully, to all calls and emails, making her an invaluable resource."

Samantha Liebenberg

Founder& CEO

Slie Labs

"I have worked with Lindsay as both a journalist and media consultant and have been impressed by her keen understanding and eye for detail.  Unlike far too many PRs today, Lindsay really understands what journalists need and she never fails to deliver, even when she is thrown a curve-ball request on a tight deadline. Lindsay instinctively knows what makes a good story and never commits the cardinal sin of wasting a reporter’s time. 

"Having worked with her on some quite complex role-play media training exercises I has also seen how much research and hard work goes into making her role appear effortless."

Jane Symons 

Freelance health writer and media consultant


"I have memories of Lindsay from years ago when she was a rising star of PR – bundles of energy and bags of talent.

"Having lost touch with her until I became involved with the Guild, I wasn’t in the least surprised to discover that the star quality is now recognised by one and all, she still has bags of talent and, somewhat irritatingly, still has the energy to match!

"For the past four years Lindsay has played a crucial role in gaining sponsorship, from  Boehringer Ingelheim, for one of the Guild’s most prestigious events – our summer party. Its huge success is in no small part down to Lindsay. Apart from her support and eagle eye over proceedings on the night, she has also worked consistently to forge a relationship that has grown strong to the benefit of Guild members as well as, I hope, BI.

"Lindsay is a consummate professional: brilliant at communicating, never phased  and always ‘gets back to you’– even when out of the country!   With Lindsay around there’s never problems, just solutions. If that’s not enough, she’s great fun to work with. Even if she does still have irritatingly high  levels of energy..."

Michele Simmons

Chair, Guild of Health Writers

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